Update: MCC’s Super Bowl battle with a college in the 49ers’ backyard

MCC Chancellor Beatty

Update, Feb. 13: We now have photographic evidence that losing a Super Bowl bet is, well, not so super.

As detailed below, Metropolitan Community College Chancellor Kimberly Beatty and Mission College President Daniel Peck made a friendly wager ahead of the big game Feb. 2 in Miami.

MCC is, of course, the only community college in Kansas City, Missouri, and Mission is in Santa Clara, California, home of the San Francisco¬† 49ers. Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara has been the 49ers’ home venue since 2014.

The bet was that the CEO of the losing college would have to wear the winning football team’s ball cap and the winning college’s T-shirt. So here is that photo of President Peck looking, as you’d expect, rather defeated. Although we have to say — that championship hat is fit for a (Chiefs) King(dom), and the MCC shirt is fierce (even if our Wolf is not).

As for what Mission’s president will do with his new cap . . . we hear he plans to wear it while gardening. Presumably, few 49ers fans would be on hand to hassle him in his garden.

Our thanks to President Peck and our new Mission College friends for being such good sports.

Here’s our original story:

In the time-honored tradition of trash talk and wagers between Super Bowl cities, Metropolitan Community College and a way-out-West community college have been mixing it up.

For about two weeks leading up to the big game Feb. 2, MCC and Mission College in Santa Clara, California, home of the San Francisco 49ers, have been trying to one-up each other on Twitter. The MCC Wolf mascot stars in several of MCC’s tweets. Many of the Mission College tweets feature a diminutive (plastic) 49ers player the college calls “Lil Kitt,” named for actual 49ers tight end George Kittle.

In the betting department, the wager between MCC Chancellor Kimberly Beatty and Mission President Daniel Peck calls for the loser to wear the winning school’s T-shirt plus the ball cap of the big game’s victor.

Here are some examples of the back-and-forth between MCC and our new West Coast frenemy. Hop onto Twitter — @MCCKansasCity or @go2MissionSC — for more fun.