New ADA entrances added to MCC Administrative Center

A new ADA compliant entrance has been added to the MCC Administrative Center.

A new entrance that’s compliant with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been added to the ground level of Metropolitan Community College’s Administrative Center.

View of the new entrance from the parking garage.

It replaces the old access to the building through the parking garage and includes a new ramp that will make entry easier.

MCC Chief Facilities Officer Jeff Ullman says the new entrance through the parking garage also makes it safer for everyone to enter the Administrative Center. He says they won’t have to watch for cars driving up the entrance ramp from Broadway Boulevard.

While the new entrance is in use now, finishing touches are still in the works. They include an ADA compliant handrail and an awning that will keep the ramp dry during inclement weather. Landscaping and new signage will also be added.

A new ADA entrance ramp is also being added to the Administrative Center’s second level for employee use.