#MCCGrads2019: Don’t procrastinate, do go to class, Navy veteran tells fellow students

Everett Frasier III

Throughout his life Everett Frasier III, 56, has stepped up to serve others.

The Metropolitan Community College-Longview student served in the U.S. Navy, then served barbecue from his Smoken BBQ restaurant near Lone Jack, Missouri. When he started at MCC-Longview, he was helping restore an old one-room schoolhouse. He then went from giving new life to an old school to building up his fellow MCC classmates who sought his help with difficult courses.

Back story: Frasier lives in Kingsville, Missouri. He graduated from Lee’s Summit High School in 1981, and this spring he’s receiving his MCC associate in arts degree in business management.

When he started taking classes at Longview, Frasier was working for the widow of one of his former high school teachers. He helped her maintain her property and it was then she asked for his help in restoring the schoolhouse. The project held special meaning because his former teacher had attended classes in the old building.

MCC opened employment opportunities for Frasier, who says he couldn’t find a job because he didn’t have a degree. He decided to use his GI Bill benefits to get a college education.

He also has an interest in becoming a public speaker.

Favorite MCC moment: Frasier enjoys helping other students. He says it was a result of visiting with fellow students before and after classes. He helped some with coursework and others with things like finding a good used car. “Doing this each semester for others made me feel good about paying it forward and seeing the smiles on their faces.”

Favorite instructors: “Most instructors tried to make classes enjoyable and not boring.” Frasier says psychology instructor Dr. Angela Bahner was a great help to him. He says business adjunct Mark Johnson was “an awesome instructor as well. We are both veterans and he was great with information.”

Best thing about attending MCC: “The staff at MCC has been very helpful. MCC has a lot to offer students. I always got the help I needed from different staff members no matter what it was for.”

Challenging moment: The semester his GI Bill information didn’t get submitted, which limited his ability to pay his bills. But Frasier says the dean of students helped him resolve the issue.

Next steps in the journey: Frasier works for Company Kitchen, a food service business, and plans to put his education to work moving up within the company. He also hopes to reopen his barbecue restaurant one day.

Advice for other students: “Not to procrastinate in their assignments and to attend every class period.” He adds that students need to visit the help centers when they need assistance. He also recommends turning cellphones off in class to “be courteous to other classmates.”

MCC takeaway: “I enjoyed my classes at MCC. They all showed me useful information in my life and for my future as well.”

What others say: “Everett has been highly involved and actively strives to assist other students,” says MCC-Longview counselor Jim McGraw. “He exemplifies a successful non-traditional student who wants to give back to the community.”

Mark Johnson taught Frasier in two business classes. He says Frasier never missed a class. “He took the knowledge of learning leadership skills very seriously and he approached each class with a vigor and passion. His enthusiasm totally influenced his classmates. I’m a better teacher and citizen myself for knowing him.”