Slide show: Students celebrate culture at International Festival

Brightly colored fashion and huge smiles were abundant at Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley’s annual International Festival. More than 200 MCC students participated in this year’s event on Nov. 16.

The festival, organized by the College’s Applied Language Institute (ALI), features the cultures and traditions of the dozens of countries that are native to its students. Every year, 300-400 students, who include permanent residents, refugees, those seeking asylum and international students, enroll in the ALI.

As part of the festival program, students were encouraged to display the flags of their country and provide a sampling of food from home, as well as dress in their traditional attire. A fashion show displayed the diversity of those who attended.

Dance and musical performances by the students were also cheered on by the crowd. A group of Somali dancers provided much entertainment and received high applause. Watch the video:

The day in pictures:

Festivals like this have been hosted by ALI since 1998. For more on the ALI program, click here for the link to our website.