#MCCGrads2018: Who’d we spot wearing a commencement button?

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s now May, and on the Metropolitan Community College campuses, commencement buttons are popping up like tulips.

The royal-blue buttons made their first appearance on Tuesday, May 1. You probably saw them worn by commencement committee members and assorted faculty and staff to remind everyone, including students, that this is Commencement Month. MCC’s 2018 commencement ceremony is Thursday, May 17, at Municipal Auditorium.

The buttons proclaim “More Than Ready for What’s Next” and include the URL for the commencement page on our website: mcckc.edu/commencement

The commencement committee is also asking commencement night staffers to wear the buttons then as well.

Random employees spotted wearing the buttons on May 1 were presented with MCC coffee mugs filled with candy:

Roger Claypool at MCC-Business & Technology
William Howell at MCC-Business & Technology
Bill Morgan and Crystal Jeffers at MCC-Blue River with Director of Student Success Robert Goltra III, the button-spotter
Crystal Jeffers at MCC-Blue River
Heith Carnahan (from left), Jenna Miller and Millie Nottingham at MCC-Penn Valley
Millie Nottingham at MCC-Penn Valley
Jenna Miller at MCC-Penn Valley
Beverly Jennings and Jeff Wilt at MCC-Maple Woods
Chloe the service dog at MCC-Penn Valley
Zack McNeil at MCC-Longview
Francine Roberts (from left), Keith Stiffler and Tynisa Collins at MCC-Longview
Laura Ishmael at MCC-Longview
Jim McGraw at MCC-Longview
Matthew Patterson at the Health Science Institute, MCC-Penn Valley