Student in MCC partner program places at state SkillsUSA contest

London Clark

Congratulations are in order for a Park Hill South High School student who is part of a first-year partnership program between the Northland Career Center and Metropolitan Community College’s Business & Technology campus.

Junior London Clark won third place at the Missouri SkillsUSA contest at State Technical College April 5–7. He won in the industrial motor control category.

Clark was given the opportunity to attend state SkillsUSA through the Production Technology program, which the Northland Career Center in Platte City built with MCC-Business & Technology. The program, which is in its first year, is designed to encourage and prepare students for careers in manufacturing.

“No other career center in Missouri has a program like this,” said Ryan Meador, dean of student development and enrollment management for MCC-Business & Technology.

Meador says the partnership developed because MCC has the facilities and equipment necessary to host the program. The early college program currently has 10 high school juniors and two seniors enrolled.

Students have the option to earn up to 10 hours of dual credit this year. Eventually, students will have the option to earn up to 24 hours of dual credit over two years. The credit could go toward an MCC associate degree or a certificate in a variety of areas related to the manufacturing industry.

While Clark’s third place ranking doesn’t allow him to move on to the national SkillsUSA competition, Meador finds it very encouraging.

“To have a first-year student and especially a junior place in the top three statewide is very exciting,” he said. “This expands the possibilities for the future.”