Allies in Action explores how MCC supports its LGBTQIA community

What does it mean to be an ally? Better yet, an ally in action?

Ninety attendees were asked that question April 24 at an MCC professional development event that explored how Metropolitan Community College supports its LGBTQIA community at MCC and beyond.

Diane Beal

Diane Beal, chair of the College’s LGBTQ+ Affinity Group, said the goal of the day was to provide everyone with an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge and serve as allies.

“Often LGBTQIA is an umbrella term,” Beal said. “Today we’ll dig a bit deeper into those that often go unnoticed.”

Dr. Kimberly Beatty

Chancellor Kimberly Beatty said the world has changed a lot in terms of what “diversity” and “inclusion” encompasses.

“We’re not just talking about ethnic and racial divides,” she said.

Dr. Beatty urged everybody to ask themselves, “Is there something else I can personally do in the classroom that might demonstrate that I am an ally in action?”

This year, Dr. Beatty has implemented several initiatives at MCC. She’s asked the Office of Inclusion and Engagement to explore campuswide cultural competency training, in addition to looking at campus diversity committees and providing more resources, training and development.

The format of the Chancellor’s Champions of Inclusion Luncheon on May 2 has also been changed to assure that individuals and programs that have significantly gone above and beyond to promote, encourage and support equity and inclusion are honored.

For more information on MCC’s commissions and affinity groups contact the Office of Inclusion and Engagement at 816.604.4523 or click here.