Latino students learn to build opportunities through education

Participants at the Mi Familia, Mi Camino y Mi Futuro event at MCC

Latino high school students gathered at Metropolitan Community College’s Penn Valley campus April 6 to learn about building opportunities for their future through education. They were also inspired by local leaders who have overcome difficult circumstances.

The Mi Familia, Mi Camino y Mi Futuro Leadership Day included workshops on personal leadership, navigating a career pathway and money essentials.

MCC-Penn Valley students worked with high school students throughout the day to help them create a unique personal statement, as well as how to build opportunities through scholarships, classes and extracurricular activities.

Dr. Luis Cordoba of Kansas City Public Schools

Dr. Luis Cordoba, chief officer for the  Division of Student Support Services at Kansas City Public Schools, served as the luncheon keynote speaker. He was born in Mexico and raised among some of the toughest gangs in Los Angeles. As someone familiar with negative peer pressure, prejudices and stereotypes, he focuses on changing that reality for children today.

Quoted in an article by Kansas City Hispanic News, Cordoba spoke about taking responsibility for one’s professional development.

“Take inventory of yourself! To be a leader in today’s world, and to have an impact on your job, schoolwork, future and life, you need to make a decision today what you want to do to achieve that. You don’t need to have a big title nor a fancy office. You need to be real. Transformation isn’t easy carnales, but it does take time,” Cordoba said.

MCC Vice Chancellor of Instruction Dr. Carlos Peñaloza and Chief Legal Officer Sandra Garcia


MCC Chief Legal Officer Sandra Garcia and Vice Chancellor of Instruction Dr. Carlos Peñaloza spoke about the opportunities they gained through education.

Peñaloza was encouraged by the day’s turnout.

“It was great seeing the high school students and students at MCC working together and inspiring each other,” he said. “I’m proud to see how encouraged they were over the course of the day and I’m hopeful that this helped them on their path to college success.”

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