Display of hot rods, muscle cars raises money for Hi-Line Club at MCC-Business & Technology

Nearly 80 cars were on display at the indoor car show.

Hot rods, muscle cars. Old cars, new cars. You name it, they came to see it on Saturday, March 3.

Car enthusiasts from across the metro area (and someone from Texas) attended the Hi-Line Club’s Indoor Car Show at Metropolitan Community College’s Business & Technology campus. It was the inaugural year for the event, and organizers hope to make it an annual one.

“Fat Attack,” a 1939 Ford Convertible built by Pete and Jake’s Hot Rod Parts in Peculiar, Mo.

About 300 people turned out to ogle 79 show-stopper cars. Everything from an original 1926 Model T to a 2018 Corvette was on display. The folks from Pete and Jake’s Hot Rod Parts brought a car as well, a 1939 Ford Convertible called “Fat Attack.” The Peculiar, Mo.-based business rose to fame in the mid-1970s when a car it built was featured in a made-for-TV movie starring Martin Sheen called “The California Kid.”

Muscle cars were a big hit at the Hi-Line Club’s Indoor Car Show.

The Hi-Line Club, now in its second year, organized the event to raise money for lineman students to participate in the Collegiate Lineman Rodeo, which is April 6 at Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Neb.

Students at colleges with line tech programs “get to compete in events that relate to line work in a rodeo-style setting,” said Susan Blaser, lineman program coordinator.

MCC’s Hi-Line Club reached its goal of raising $3,000 to compete.

Jacob Lumpkin, vice president of the Hi-Line Club, planned the event with two other students. They started working on it in November and said they put in a lot of hours, but it was well worth it.

“When we got a hold of the cars and they all started coming in, that’s when all the hard work started paying off,” Lumpkin said. “It was pretty cool putting it on.”

For more information about the Hi-Line Club, click here.