The new Metropolitan Community College mascot is . . .

At MCC-Maple Woods, the winning mascot name was revealed by (from left) Dean of Student Development Karen Moore and Associate Dean Mindy Johnson Pettegrew. Campus president Dr. Utpal Goswami is at right. (Photos by Clay Bussey, Tim Engle, Bob Florence, Linda Langston, Laurel Marselle, Christina Medina and Jordan Williams/MCC)
Chancellor Kimberly Beatty with MCC-Penn Valley President Tyjaun Lee, students and employees

#MCCHowl isn’t a hashtag yet, but just give it time.

The announcement of Metropolitan Community College’s new mascot — the Wolves — was received with howls of approval at noon-hour reveal parties Dec. 7 on each of the five MCC campuses.

“Are you getting your howl together?!” MCC Chancellor Kimberly Beatty asked those assembled at MCC-Penn Valley.

Meanwhile, at MCC-Longview, members of the baseball team — soon to be known as the MCC Wolves baseball team — were on hand to unfurl the mascot choice:

At MCC-Maple Woods, Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf” blared after the big reveal.

Three MCC students nominated Wolves as the College’s official mascot starting in Fall 2018, but one of them, Maple Woods student Mark Huhman, had some help: He and buddy/fellow student Simeon Bauer submitted more than a dozen names.

Students Simeon Bauer (left) and Mark Huhman

They brainstormed at a laundromat when they were supposed to be studying, but there was more than school spirit involved. If they won, they vowed to donate the $100 prize to the newly formed Engineering Club on campus. (What does the club do? Build things, like a trebuchet — a catapult. They’d hoped to chuck pumpkins from it, but that didn’t happen.)

Why Wolves? “We were thinking, like, animals that live in the area,” says Bauer, who’s studying chemical engineering.

There are wolves around here? “There used to be,” he says.

Another plus is that “Wolves” can apply not only to the individual MCC campuses but also to the College as a whole, says Huhman, who’s studying chemistry. “Usually they’re a pack hunter.”

Both like the idea that they played a role in choosing the new mascot. “This’ll be a lasting impression,” Huhman says.

MCC-Blue River student Ferris Wightman also nominated “Wolves.” Inspiration struck as he was watching a University of Nevada basketball game. They’re known as the Wolf Pack.

MCC-Blue River student Ferris Wightman

Like the Maple Woods students, he saw the possibilities of lone wolves and a wolf pack.

“I liked that each campus could be a lone wolf, based on degree and program offerings,” Wightman says. “But together we would look like a diverse wolf pack of educational opportunities.”

At Penn Valley, SGA president Caitlin Mountjoy introduced the big reveal.

“I think (a mascot is) really important because it unifies MCC and brings us all together,” she said afterward. “It brings out all the school pride in the students.”

Penn Valley student Tajza Pratcher, a basketball player, agrees. “It’s important so we can get involved with the school a little more. It helps the school sports, especially for next year, and it’s mainly something everybody can be excited for.”

“This will put our college together under one mascot,” Chancellor Beatty said at the Penn Valley event.

Earlier this fall, MCC invited proposals for the new mascot. This was open to everyone. The mascot selection committee — made up of students, faculty and staff — received 124 mascot nominations and narrowed them to five finalists:

  • MCC Jazz
  • MCC Knights
  • MCC Mustangs
  • MCC Thunderbirds
  • MCC Wolves

Voting was open most of November.

Since MCC became a multi-campus system in 1969, it has not had a collegewide mascot. Instead, each campus had its own mascot.

The winning mascot was by far the favorite of the MCC students who voted. “Wolves” received one-third of the student vote.

Now that we know what the MCC mascot is, the next step is to determine what it looks like — its image and design. A contest to do precisely that is now open. Enter and get more information at

Deadline to enter the design contest is Jan. 26. The winning entry scores $100. The look of the new MCC mascot will be unveiled in February.

(With thanks to contributors Laurel Marselle and Bob Florence)

More moments from the reveal parties (click any photo to see it larger):

MCC-Blue River

MCC-Business & Technology


MCC-Maple Woods

MCC-Penn Valley

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