Golf ball puts dog in MCC vet tech operating room


Metropolitan Community College veterinary technology students are often angels of mercy to the animals who are brought into the program each semester for study and care, but nobody could have foreseen how students would play a role in helping to discover the unusual reason for a dog’s discomfort.

Dr. Chris Morrow, who runs the vet tech program at MCC-Maple Woods, related the developments of a yellow Labrador named Jimbo.  Jimbo, an older dog, came to MCC in August as a shelter rescue.  Morrow says “while in the program he was diagnosed with having a foreign body in his stomach.”

In reviewing Jimbo’s X-ray, Morrow discovered an object that was  rather suspiciously and  regularly round. Turns out when Morrow operated, Jimbo had swallowed a golf ball. Pretty foreign all right.

Jimbo’s X-ray

Morrow says the golf ball removal surgery provided an out of the ordinary experience for his students, with three of them assisting as his surgical team.

From the left: Serena Persaud-operating room technician, Kayla Rowe-anesthetist, Jennika Leckliter-surgery technician and Jimbo

Morrow say Jimbo is recovering well and one of the students has already adopted him and plans to give him a forever home at the end of the semester.

There are still a few of the semester’s animals left for adoption. For more on the MCC-Maple Woods Vet Tech program and to learn about the animals available, click here.