Photo gallery: Human lifespan class visits Independence elementary school

MCC-Blue River student Atasha Brewer made fast friends at Little Blue Elementary.

Hands on learning was the motive for an October field trip for MCC-Blue River students. Psychology instructor Kimberly Glackin worked with the Independence School District to arrange for her human lifespan class to visit with young students at Little Blue Elementary.

The class was learning about middle childhood and Glackin wanted them to see how children change from kindergarten to fifth grade. “This gives them a very real experience to see for themselves how children group together, define friendship, socialize, as well as how their displays of aggression, bullying, and means of exclusion progress as they age,” said Glackin.

“This allows my students to see everything that we talk about in the textbook in a very real and applied manner.”

Glackin says the trip is really the most valuable thing her class experiences all semester.  “Some of our students even volunteered to start working with the children,” she said.