Five finalists announced for new MCC mascot

Metropolitan Community College will have a new mascot in Fall 2018, but what will that mascot be? We now have an idea — and the MCC community is urged to let its voice be heard.

Mascot suggestions were solicited in a contest open to everyone in the MCC community. A committee of students, faculty and staff, using a scoring guide, narrowed down the nominations from 124 to five finalists. And those Final Five are (drumroll, please):

  • MCC Jazz
  • MCC Knights
  • MCC Mustangs
  • MCC Thunderbirds
  • MCC Wolves

Voting on those five finalist mascots will take place between Wednesday, Nov. 1, and Tuesday, Nov. 21. Cast your vote at or at any MCC Campus Life & Leadership office.

Voting is open to students, faculty, staff and other members of the MCC community.

After the public vote and approval by MCC’s Executive Cabinet, the winning mascot will be announced. But what will the new mascot actually look like? That will be another contest open to the MCC community, starting in December.

The mascot selection committee did not reveal the people who proposed the five mascots chosen as finalists, but we do know what they had in mind. Here are some of the details taken from the finalist proposals:

MCC Jazz: “Could be any creature, steer or bear, etc. MCC students come from a variety of diverse backgrounds, and each has his or her own unique pathway, just as jazz is known for its improvisation and is not bound to one particular style. Kansas City is world renowned for its rich jazz history. The steer represents Kansas City’s popular cattle industry as well as strength. MCC students have long shown persistence and strength in their educational endeavors. MCC is Kansas City’s community college.”

MCC Knights: “Knights are usually silver, black or a combination of the two. Knights sometimes wear another color specific to their homeland, which can be any color. Suit of armor with MCC crest on the shield representing five campuses of the MCC Kingdom. The mascot represents Kansas City. Some current and past major sports teams in KC are related to royalty, like the Royals, the Monarchs and the Kings. … Each of our campuses serves as an educational realm in the MCC Kingdom. Each realm (campus) could be recognized by the current campus color being the color of their Knight’s armor.”

MCC Mustangs: “An exciting and energetic horse. Strong, muscular, with a beautiful chestnut brown, shiny coat. Mustangs are strong, resilient, peaceful animals. … Like Mustangs, MCC students are strong and resilient. We are a strong community and our students are truly supported, so the MCC network continues to expand. … Max or Met ‘Metropolitan’ the Mustang is happy, positive. His ‘Mustang’ spirit of exploration, ingenuity and intelligence are all things MCC can rally around.”

MCC Thunderbirds: “Mythical bird of prey with outstretched wings and lightning behind it. Does not have a specific color, so it can be tailored to represent the color of each campus. Faces forward, but a profile is OK if preferred. The thunderbird comes from North American Indian lore. It represents ‘the four directions’ — a perfect representation of the five campuses when you include the heart/center. Moreover, it represents the weather in our area which can be known for its storms — weather that changes quickly. … This ancient creature brings together our past roots, and its unique qualities stand for diversity. It’s the perfect mascot for the 21st century.”

MCC Wolves: “A wolf with a dark gray coat of fur wearing an MCC T-shirt. MCCKC campuses come together like a pack of wolves; each campus is also like a wolf which has its own personality that fits the studies or programs of that campus. Wolves are proud and strong alone like each campus, but even stronger when working together, like a wolf pack. Five wolves, all with fur of the MCC colors. Each wolf has unique characteristics and names assigned to each campus.”

The design and image of MCC’s new mascot will be announced at the College’s Faculty Convocation on Feb. 27, 2018.

Metropolitan Community College will consolidate sports teams starting in Fall 2018. Athletics will continue to be offered at four MCC campuses: baseball and softball at MCC-Maple Woods, men’s and women’s soccer at MCC-Blue River, women’s cross country and women’s volleyball at MCC-Longview, and men’s and women’s basketball at MCC-Penn Valley.

MCC’s four National Junior College Athletic Association memberships will be consolidated to one membership. The change from four NJCAA memberships to one will allow student-athletes to enroll in and attend classes on any of MCC’s five campuses and not be limited, as has been the case, to attending classes full time on the campus where their sports team was housed.

Currently, the four MCC campuses with sports teams have their own individual mascots.

The new MCC mascot will help build a sense of community among all Metropolitan Community College campuses, represent positive qualities, and consider the culture and history of MCC and the communities it serves, among other things.


Here are some of the considerations developed by the mascot committee:

The mascot name, which should:

  •  Be unifying for all MCC campuses and communities
  •  Exemplify the best of MCC

 MCC experience, history and locations

  •  Considers the culture and history of both the College and the communities MCC serves

Positive qualities, ideals and spirit, which MCC can rally around

  •  Unifying for all MCC campuses and communities
  • Broadly relevant across the MCC community, the student body and generations of alumni

Physical characteristics

  •  Easily represented in print, online and in college materials
  •  Translates in a visually pleasing manner (mascot costume, design/image)
  •  Represents positive qualities, ideals or associations around which people can rally


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