Dr. Beatty to employees at in-service: I want you to dream again

Chancellor Kimberly Beatty delivers her State of the College Address.

At MCC’s annual employee in-service Oct. 17, Chancellor Kimberly Beatty discussed areas of opportunity for the College and announced some new initiatives.

Employees also recognized colleagues for their years of service to MCC, heard from motivational speaker James Nowlin about living a life of purpose, and attended breakout sessions presented by colleagues on a variety of topics. In his welcome, Board of Trustees president Trent Skaggs reaffirmed the board’s dedication to student success, strategic planning and shared governance.

Dr. Beatty delivered her State of the College Address in the morning and then made some other announcements at the end of the day. Highlights:

On the MOVE (squared)

The in-service’s theme, which will also apply to the College going forward, was MCC on the MOVE2 (squared). MOVE stands for Mobilizing Our Vision for Excellence and Engagement. As the vision statement says, “Metropolitan Community College will be a high-performing institution that is learning-centered, affordable and aligned around student success.”

Referring to excellence, Dr. Beatty told employees, “Would you say we’re there yet? We’re going to be on our way.”

Key focus areas

+ Extending trust. Dr. Beatty said her practice is to extend trust until someone proves they can’t be trusted.

Chancellor Beatty extends a hand of trust to employees . . .
. . . and they extend hands back.

+ Student success and completion. The College will be examining our students’ success in a comprehensive way in the coming months.

+ Developing a culture of evidence. “It’s time for us to do things differently unless we want the same result,” Dr. Beatty said. To strategically move forward, the College needs to look at data. “If I want to catch catfish, I have to put some chicken liver on the hook,” she said.

+ Leveraging our workforce programs. Based on her interactions in the community, “people don’t really know what we do.” MCC needs to promote its size, scope and the programs we offer, Dr. Beatty said. “Workforce is the sweet spot for community colleges” — and MCC needs to leverage its workforce programs “a lot more than we have.”

+ Developing a brand so people recognize us in the community. The College is “just not top of mind in Kansas City,” the chancellor said.

+ Streamlining processes. Those words prompted applause from employees. One example: “I don’t know about you, but I’m signing time sheets still. That’s crazy,” Dr. Beatty said.

Re-imagining MCC

Dr. Beatty compared the College to a pinky ring her husband once gave her. Both the ring and MCC are jewels and both are special, she said. But jewels sometimes need to be cleaned to restore their luster, which is true of MCC, she said.

The chancellor described her framework of leadership this way: 1. Create a cohesive leadership team. 2. Communicate clarity. 3. Overcommunicate clarity. 4. Reinforce clarity.

New initiatives

The “MCC Masters on the MOVE” video series made its debut at in-service. These are profiles of inspiring MCC employees, starting with MCC-Maple Woods humanities division chair/English instructor Michelle Potts and board services manager/special assistant to the chancellor Cindy Johnson. Watch them here.


Dr. Beatty also announced Chancellor’s Innovation Grants: 10 employees will be awarded $2,000 each to implement their innovative ideas.¬† Details are forthcoming.

“I want you to dream again,” she told employees.

“I have a prophecy, and it’s our vision that MCC is going to be a high-performing institution focused on student success.” She urged employees to aspire to make a difference every day, and to take risks — don’t be afraid to fail.

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Dr. Beatty speaking near the end of the day
A special guest was Chancellor Kimberly Beatty’s mother, Gloria Shelton.
Board of Trustees president Trent Skaggs
MCC trustees Phil LeVota and Barbara Washington
Employees honored for 25 years of service: Teresa Loney (from left), Michelle Potts, Cheryl Winter and Michael Connelly
Employees honored for 20 years of service
Employees honored for 10 years of service

Lunch keynote speaker James Nowlin, “The Purposeful Millionaire”

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