MCC faculty summit focuses on high-impact practices

Chancellor Kimberly Beatty at the Teaching and Learning Faculty Summit presented by the FOCUS grant program

“MCC is a jewel, and we will work together to help us shine even brighter,” Chancellor Kimberly Beatty told faculty attending the Teaching and Learning Faculty Summit Sept. 29 at MCC-Business & Technology.

The summit was a professional development activity offered to MCC faculty by the Title III Institutional FOCUS grant, to support faculty redesign of gateway courses.

Past grant summits have focused on engagement strategies such as the first four weeks, critical thinking/inquiry-based learning, active and collaborative learning, flipped classrooms, supplemental instruction, syllabus and lesson plan redesign, quantitative reasoning, STEM pathways and instructional technology.

Melissa Renfrow, FOCUS program director, says those previous summits indicated that some faculty struggle with measuring how a strategy improves student learning outcomes.  As a result, this Teaching and Learning Summit focused additional energy on linking strategies to measurable student learning outcomes.

National speakers at the summit addressed four data-informed, high-impact teaching and learning practices:

  • First-year seminars and experiences
  • Diversity and global learning
  • Common intellectual experiences
  • Collaborative assignments and projects

Although the summit was offered to all MCC faculty, participation was required for the 50 instructors who are receiving a Title III Teaching and Learning stipend this semester to redesign a gateway course they will pilot next spring, the final semester of Title III grant pilots.  Depending on the proposed redesign, some faculty are infusing more than one practice.