Board of Trustees meets first-ever president of MCC-Blue River student government

MCC-Blue River SGA president Lucja Basinska speaks to the MCC Board of Trustees at the board’s Sept. 28 meeting. (Photos by Clare Otto/MCC)

Lucja Basinska, who came to this country just four years ago from Poland and is now the top student leader at MCC-Blue River, was introduced to the MCC Board of Trustees recently.

Basinska is the first elected president of the new Student Government Association at Blue River. In a profile of her in the Examiner, she said she had learned some English — the British kind of English — in Poland. The recent Blue Springs High School grad started at MCC last spring.

“We just decided (MCC-Blue River) was a good fit, it was economically better and it would be easier to get through college and study whatever you’d like to as long as you put your mind into it,” Basinska told the Examiner. She took the same approach to running for SGA president.

Her campaign motto: “Don’t be foolish, vote for Polish.”

Basinska is leading the first Student Government Association in MCC-Blue River’s 20-year history, says Richard Monroe, Campus Life & Leadership coordinator. The organization was formed a year ago with officers appointed by Dean of Student Development Jon Burke. The first officer elections, to take effect this school year, were held last spring.

At the Board of Trustees’ Sept. 28 meeting, Basinska spoke briefly and, as you can see here, posed for a picture with the trustees.

Basinska with (from left) trustees Barbara Washington and Michael Brown, Chancellor Kimberly Beatty, trustees Phil LeVota, Trent Skaggs, Chris Whiting and McClain Bryant, and MCC-Blue River president Michael Banks

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