The search is underway for a new MCC mascot

Last spring, Metropolitan Community College announced it would consolidate sports teams starting in Fall 2018. Athletics will still be offered at four MCC campuses: baseball and softball at MCC-Maple Woods, men’s and women’s soccer at MCC-Blue River, women’s cross country and women’s volleyball at MCC-Longview, and men’s and women’s basketball at MCC-Penn Valley). MCC’s four National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) memberships will be consolidated to one membership effective next fall.

The change from four to one NJCAA membership will allow student-athletes to enroll in and attend classes on any of MCC’s five campuses and not be limited to attending classes full time on the campus where their sports team was housed, per NJCAA rules.

Until now, the four MCC campuses with sports teams have had their own individual mascots: MCC-Maple Woods Monarchs, MCC-Blue River Trail Blazers, MCC-Penn Valley Scouts and MCC-Longview Lakers. (The MCC-Business & Technology campus doesn’t have sports teams.)

Starting in Fall 2018, we will boast a new mascot to represent the College. This representation will extend to all of our sporting teams.  Therefore, we are seeking your input on the new mascot and what the mascot will look like!

Between Sept. 20 and Oct. 15, 2017, you can submit your mascot suggestions through the MCC website at or by completing a paper entry at the Campus Life and Leadership offices on each of MCC’s five campuses.  You will have the opportunity to share your thoughts on the mascot’s name, physical character (an animal, for instance), relevance to the area’s history and culture and MCC’s spirit.

The mascot selection committee — made up of student athletes, student leaders, faculty, staff and administrators — will narrow down the mascot proposals to a minimum of three and maximum of five finalists and recommend them to MCC officers.

Current and past MCC mascots are not eligible to become the new overall MCC mascot. In the 1960s, for instance, the Metropolitan Junior College basketball team was the Unicorns. That was before the Penn Valley, Maple Woods and Longview campuses opened starting in 1969.

This is what Unicorns look like, according to the 1968 Metropolitan Junior College yearbook. Students voted on the name. Below: the basketball team’s schedule that year.

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Between Nov. 1 and Nov. 21, the MCC community will vote for their favorites on the website or by completing a paper entry at the Campus Life and Leadership offices. The new MCC mascot will be announced in December 2017. A contest will be launched to accept ideas for what the new mascot will look like. The deadline for design proposals will be Jan. 26, 2018. Details on where and how to submit designs/images will be announced at a later date.

The winning mascot entry will help build a sense of community among all MCC campuses, represent positive qualities and consider the culture and history of MCC and the communities it serves, among other things.

Finally, the look of the mascot will be unveiled on Feb. 27 at a College-wide event. Thank you in advance for providing us with input on the future of MCC. MCC is on the MOVE!