MCC mascots through the years

MCC is in search of a new mascot, but it can’t be the same as one of our previous or current mascots. Here’s some history, but first some background on how something called a “Polytechnic” became “Metropolitan.”

MCC’s name changes

1915: Founded as the Kansas City Polytechnic Institute by the Kansas City School District. Originally it had several divisions, including a two-year college.

1919: The Junior College of Kansas City is born.

1964: Metropolitan Junior College is the new name after voters in seven suburban school districts join the Kansas City School District to form the new college district.

1975: The name is changed to Metropolitan Community Colleges to emphasize the three campuses (Penn Valley, Maple Woods and Longview) that opened in 1969-70. The “s” was dropped in 2005 to reflect the concept of “one MCC”: one college with multiple campuses.

The mascots

The Cubs (through at least 1928): Junior College of Kansas City basketball team. The name wasn’t an overall school mascot, however.

The Unicorns: Name of the Metropolitan Junior College basketball team, starting in 1968.

The Centaurs: MCC-Maple Woods mascot starting in 1970-71.

The Monarchs: Current MCC-Maple Woods mascot, approved by a student vote in 2007-08. The name was picked to honor the old Kansas City Monarchs baseball team of the Negro Leagues.

The Scouts: MCC-Penn Valley’s mascot. A tribute to the statue of “The Scout” in Penn Valley Park.

The Slugs: MCC-Longview mascot chosen by students early on, possibly in 1969-70. The name was a joke and “a thorn in the side of the baseball and basketball teams,” MCC archivist Janice Lee says.

The Lakers: MCC-Longview’s current mascot since at least 1975. Refers to nearby Longview Lake.

The Trail Blazers: MCC-Blue River’s mascot. Blue River became a permanent MCC campus and assumed that name in 1997.

Note that MCC-Business & Technology doesn’t have sports teams or a mascot.