MCC-Longview mocktail hour is a stop on Chancellor Engagement Tour

Who needs alcohol to have a good time? At MCC-Longview, “mocktails” were the star of an alcohol education event. The drinks were delicious, but the bartender cut everyone off after two. (Photos by Tim Engle, Clare Otto and Clay Bussey/MCC)

A “mocktail hour” Sept. 18 at MCC-Longview was another chance for Chancellor Kimberly Beatty to meet students as part of her Engagement Tour.  At the noon-hour event, guests could sample fruity, alcohol-free concoctions with names like “Woo Woo.”

They could also peruse a display on the effects of alcohol. That included a collection of real-looking liquor bottles which, upon close examination, bore names like Convulsions and Delirium Tremens. Meanwhile, photos on a big screen showed the aftermaths of awful car crashes caused by drunk drivers.

MCC-Longview president Dr. Kirk Nooks tries walking the line while wearing “drunk goggles.” He’s assisted by MCC Officer David Cooper.

Students — and even campus president Dr. Kirk Nooks — also got the chance to “walk the line” and otherwise simulate what would happen in a police-administered field sobriety test. MCC police Officer David Cooper was on hand to facilitate that. One thing to know, Cooper said, is that it’s not just about the physical stuff — officers also evaluate how well a potentially inebriated person follows directions.

At the event, students could try to follow police instructions — or something simpler, like giving a high-five — while wearing “drunk goggles.” Longview SGA president Colby Cole, the first volunteer, said the goggles made him feel nauseous. (He failed the field test even without the goggles.)

MCC-Longview’s Counseling and Campus Life & Leadership offices planned the event.

Chancellor Kimberly Beatty (left) is served a “Woo Woo” mocktail by Brianna Yahaya, MCC-Longview Campus Life & Leadership coordinator.

More scenes from the event: