Photo gallery: Breakfast With the Bigwigs at MCC-Penn Valley

MCC-Penn Valley invited students to a “Breakfast With the Bigwigs,” but they had to do a little work for their doughnuts and fruit. Students were given “stamp cards,” with instructions to seek out at least three College employees, find out a little about them, and ask them to autograph the card.

Several Penn Valley employees who attended wore shirts from their alma maters, which could prompt the questions “What college did you go to?” or “What did you study in college?”

New MCC Chancellor Kimberly Beatty attended the Sept. 1 event as part of her start-of-school Engagement Tour. She’ll drop by MCC-Maple Woods on Sept. 5 and MCC-Longview on Sept. 18.

Here are some scenes from the Penn Valley breakfast. Click any picture to see it larger. (Photos by Tim Engle and Clare Otto/MCC)

Chancellor Kimberly Beatty (center) chats with MCC-Penn Valley students.
Students traded cards with “bigwig” autographs they collected for doughnuts and fruit.
Gerald Beechum with MCC’s Veterans Upward Bound program
Robert Goltra, director of student success, with students
Campus Life & Leadership coordinator Shelby Coxon
Faculty members on hand included Chrissy Howell and Lyle Gibson (right)
Chancellor Beatty with Associate Dean Marvin Aaron
Nancy Harrington (center) and Dominga Levin (right) with a student

Associate Dean Tarana Chapple with student Joseph Mebaley
Counselor Brian Chasteen (right) with a student
Dr. Beatty visits with students.
Richard Cole (left) with Associate Dean Terrell Tigner
Dean of Student Development Yvette Sweeney with a student
Rolanda Price (from left), new Dean of Instruction Cindy Cerrentano and Associate Dean Tarana Chapple visit with a student.