An MCC scholarship helped her become a police officer

Kaitlyn Elias, who graduated first in her class at MCC-Blue River’s Public Safety Institute, is now a Grandview police officer. Her training was paid for by the police department and MCC’s Move Toward the Badge scholarship.

The Grandview Police Department is always looking for ways for its police force to mirror the community. Metropolitan Community College wants to help with that mission and place graduates of its police academy.

Those goals come together with MCC’s Move Toward the Badge scholarship, the first of which was awarded in January to Kaitlyn (Kate) Elias. She was already working for Grandview as a dispatcher but had expressed interest in becoming an officer. The cost for her to attend the one-semester police program at MCC’s Blue River campus in Independence was covered by the scholarship and the Grandview Police Department.

Elias was named the scholarship winner last January.

Elias graduated No. 1 in her class this spring and was also honored as “Most Improved in Defensive Tactics.”

“It’s exciting. I’m happy,” Elias told “41 Action News” reporter Rae Daniel. “It’s been a lifelong dream of mine.”

Her grandfather is a retired Kansas City police major. “He’s my hero. Getting to follow in his footsteps is amazing,” Elias says.

Not only was Elias hired by Grandview, but two of her classmates were as well.

MCC-Longview President Kirk Nooks said the Move Toward the Badge scholarship was set to launch this fall, but it started a little early after MCC officials heard about Elias.

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Here’s the “41 Action News” piece on Elias, which aired June 30.

Link to story and video:

Elias is interviewed by Rae Daniel of “41 Action News.”