Becker family creates a new MCC scholarship in honor of one special dog

Quill’N (left) and Quin’C at MCC-Maple Woods last fall

Do all dogs go to heaven? There’s no question about that for one special canine that first stole hearts at Metropolitan Community College, then did the same with a nationally known veterinarian and his family.

Dr. Marty Becker and family are now paying it forward — or more aptly backward — as they announce a new MCC scholarship to honor the memory of the beloved pooch named Quin’C.

The story started last fall with the MCC-Maple Woods veterinary technology program. Teresa Becker, wife of the veterinarian, spotted Quin’C, a Dalmatian mixed breed, during a presentation she and daughter Mikkel were giving on campus. Quin’C was part of that semester’s pet care program.

“I just fell in love with him because he was so sweet,” Teresa remembered. (Watch the video Teresa produced telling Quin’C’s story. Click on the link above.)

That love match ultimately meant a trip to a forever home with the Beckers at their Almost Heaven ranch in beautiful Bonners Ferry,  Idaho. Quin’C’s good fortune doubled after Teresa learned that he had a pooch pal at MCC-Maple Woods, so that dog, Quill’N, went home to the Beckers, too. (The Becker family dogs all have names that start with Q’.)

Animals are adopted out at the end of each semester. Four MCC students drove the doggie duo halfway to the Beckers, South Dakota, over the Thanksgiving holiday. Dr. Becker captured the meeting on Facebook:

Meeting the dogs in South Dakota

Posted by Dr. Marty Becker on Saturday, November 26, 2016


“Quin’C was the perfect senior gentleman: loving, trusting, gentle,” Marty Becker later wrote. “He fulfilled every promise that Teresa saw in him when they met at Maple Woods.”

From this happy ending, though, came a bittersweet update. Quin’C, diagnosed with cancer while at MCC, took a turn for the worse. The family lost him in February.

The Beckers, who clearly understand generosity, are now spreading their caring and compassion back to MCC and its students.

Becker recently announced the scholarship on his website: “In honor of the love we felt for this beautiful dog, and the great compassion shown by the veterinary nursing students who cared for him and brought him to us, we’ve created the Becker Family Quin’C Memorial Scholarship, designed to fund the education of students who intend to use their skills to help homeless pets and to ease the fear, anxiety and stress of all animals receiving veterinary care.”

The Beckers have started this fund with a $1,000 donation. Meanwhile, the MCC Foundation has so far received $1,590 in donations from individuals across the country since Becker started getting the word out, says Jessica Ramirez, MCC associate vice chancellor for advancement.

In addition to financially assisting MCC students, Becker is giving some national visibility to our vet tech program and Kansas City’s animal health corridor, Ramirez says.

The cost of educating one veterinary technician over two years at MCC is about $12,000.  “We cannot have Quin’C back, but we can help create more angels like the students who cared for him with such compassion. Please join us!” Becker wrote.

The value and number of Becker Family scholarships will depend on funding. The MCC Foundation will announce later when the first scholarship will be awarded.

You can donate here. Enter “Becker Family Quin’C Memorial Scholarship” in the space for the fund name.

MCC has followed the two dogs’ story since they met the Beckers:

Read Dr. Becker’s article announcing the scholarship:

The Becker Family Quin’C Memorial Scholarship

More about the MCC-Maple Woods Veterinary Technology and Adopt A Pet programs:

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More about Dr. Marty Becker:

Dr. Becker was the resident veterinary contributor on “Good Morning America” for 17 years. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the American Humane Association as well as its Chief Veterinary Correspondent, a founding member of Core Team Oz for “The Dr. Oz Show,” and a member of the Dr. Oz Medical Advisory Panel.

He has written 22 books that have sold more than 7 million copies, including three New York Times best-sellers.