French police tour MCC-Blue River Public Safety Institute

Stephane Souffi (from left), retired Grandview police official Dean Hutson, Sebastien Muzeau, Public Safety Institute director Rusty Sullivan and Jean-Michel Poupon

French police traveling in the United States stopped by Metropolitan Community College-Blue River to talk with instructors at the Public Safety Institute.

Rusty Sullivan, director of the PSI, says three officers from the French Municipale Police toured the campus May 17.

“Police and military officers from around the world often stop by the PSI for a tour and just to say hi,” Sullivan says. He and several other PSI instructors are internationally known.

The French officers pose with Rusty Sullivan in front of an MCC police cruiser.

The three visiting officers — Stephane Souffi, Sebastien Muzeau and Jean-Michel Poupon — were touring the Kansas City area with retired Grandview Police Col. Dean Hutson (who’s also a retired Army lieutenant colonel).

Sullivan works with Hutson and others as an international police tactical (SWAT) instructor. In response to the terror attacks in France, Hutson has been working with the French government through TACTIPOL on international terrorism response.

The officers were treated to a drive in an American police cruiser, a Dodge Charger, as part of the campus tour.

“This was their first experience with an American muscle car. There’s nothing like it in France,” Sullivan said. “They were smiling from ear to ear.”

The visiting officers also did several police ride-alongs, went to Grandview’s shooting range and attended several civic events in the area.

Sullivan says as custom dictates, they exchanged duty shirts, so the French officers will be sporting MCC-Blue River Police Academy polo shirts back at home.