#MCCGrads2017: Atomic success for a homegrown soda company

2017 MCC graduate Mark Driscoll

A Metropolitan Community College-Blue River graduate is blasting off into the next stage of his life with exciting news about a company he and several of his fellow students launched a year ago.

We first caught up with Mark Driscoll and friends last fall, when a buzz was generating about their fledging soda company, Atomic Fizz(Click here to read our original story.)

Six months earlier, Driscoll and his buddies, several of whom were either also MCC students or an alum of the College, had put their talents to work and developed a tangy crème soda, concocted in the Driscoll family kitchen.

“This whole thing has been absolutely insane,” says Driscoll.  He was full time at MCC five days a week and spending every spare moment to help develop Atomic Fizz.

Fast forward to May, and the students are again making headlines for their success.

A ribbon cutting marked the soda company’s one-year anniversary. (Courtesy Atomic Fizz)

Not only are they celebrating a year in business, but Atomic Fizz has just been accepted into Drake University’s Business Hatchery program in Des Moines, Iowa.

Driscoll, who is the marketing director for the company, will be in close contact with Tanner Masters (former MCC-Blue River student, current University of Central Missouri student, and the company’s president) and Sam Heacock (current Drake student and the company’s vice president) while they work on the summer hatchery project.

Driscoll and the rest of the pop producers will oversee operations at home, while Masters and Heacock will be hands on in Iowa.

Driscoll is the only one of the company’s founders to graduate (associate degree in art and teaching) from MCC this year, but he says the whole Atomic Fizz crew is all working hard to balance life, work and the American dream.

Driscoll stands ready to cut the ribbon.

The American dream theme is at the core of the company’s messaging. Driscoll says it helps to get continuing community support. They were thrilled to be honored recently for their year anniversary at a ribbon-cutting by the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce. As part of the event, Atomic Fizz invited the community to make their own flavored soda. Who knows, maybe one of the concoctions will become a part of the company pop line!

“We are looking forward to learning and growing together as individuals, as well as a team,” says Driscoll. He joins his pop pal Masters in the fall at UCM,

Soda production is based out of Polly’s Pop, a bottling company, in Independence. Customers can find the soda on sale at the All Things Independence store and several local bars and restaurants.

Atomic Fizz has received attention from several media outlets: