Search underway for MCC trustees for Subdistricts 2 and 5

The Junior College District of Metropolitan Kansas City, Missouri (Metropolitan Community College) is seeking submissions to fill two vacancies on the Board of Trustees.

The vacancies are in Subdistrict 2 (see walking directions and map) and Subdistrict 5 (see walking directions and map).

Trustees for Subdistricts 2 and 5 will be appointed by the remaining members of the board and will serve until the next regularly scheduled election in April 2018, when trustees shall be elected for the unexpired terms.

Qualifications, Process and Criteria
  • The following qualifications and process shall apply for selection of the new trustees for each subdistrict:
    • Candidates for the office of trustee shall be citizens of the United States, at least 21 years of age, who have been voters of the subdistrict for which each is recommended or applies for at least one whole year preceding April 19, 2017.
    • No person shall qualify as a candidate who has been found guilty of or pleaded guilty to a felony or misdemeanor under the federal laws of the United States of America or to a felony under the laws of Missouri or an offense committed in another state that would be considered a felony in this state.
    • No person shall qualify as a candidate if such person is delinquent in the payment of any state income taxes, personal property taxes, municipal taxes, real property taxes on the place of residence, as stated on the declaration of candidacy, or if the person is a past or present corporate officer of any fee office that owes any taxes to the state.
    • On or before 4 p.m. April 19, 2017, all candidates for the office of trustee, who wish to be considered by the board, shall complete and file an affidavit with the Missouri Department of Revenue and include a copy of the completed affidavit along with the declaration of candidacy required to be completed and delivered to the secretary of the board of trustees, Cynthia K. Johnson. Such affidavit shall be on Missouri Department of Revenue Form 5120 attesting to tax payments and bonding requirements. Click here for the link to Form 5120.
    • Any personal financial disclosure statement which may be required to be filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission shall be completed and filed no later than 14 days after the appointment of a trustee.
    • All candidates for the office of trustee, who wish to be considered by the board, shall complete and file their declarations of candidacy with the secretary of the Board of Trustees, Cynthia K. Johnson, Metropolitan Community College Administrative Center, 3200 Broadway, Kansas City, Missouri 64111 using this form  by the date set forth below for submission. The candidate’s driver license is required to be presented for copy with such declaration.
    • Submissions shall also include a one- to two-page letter stating the reasons for seeking the trusteeship and a biography or resume stating the candidate’s qualifications for the trusteeship.
  • The board will consider the following criteria in selecting the new trustees:
    • Respected leader active in community life
    • Educational philosophy compatible with the MCC mission
    • Experience in education or a familiarity with the educational needs of the subdistrict
    • Willingness to serve as an “ambassador” for the entire MCC district, not just subdistrict interests
    • Strong belief in quality community college education, as evidenced by past support
    • Ability to commit sufficient time
    • Ability to offer a talent that rounds out the strength and variety needed by the board to fulfill its responsibilities
    • An understanding and acceptance of the role of a community college trustee
    • No conflicting interests

Applications and recommendations will be accepted by Cynthia K. Johnson, secretary to the board, until 4 p.m. on April 19, 2017.   Questions should be directed to the secretary by phone,  816.604.1011, or e-mail,

Any interviews or other steps will be announced in the future.