Photo gallery: MCC athletes continue to make good on volunteer promise

A promise made is a promise kept by the athletes on the Metropolitan Community College-Maple Woods sports teams.

Due to weather concerns, Metropolitan Community College canceled its MLK Day of Service activities on Jan. 16. Since then, all of the MCC-Maple Woods Monarchs teams have completed the service acts they had originally committed to perform.

The men’s soccer team volunteered at Synergy Services on Feb. 24.

Coach Oumar Seck shared the team’s photos and some of players comments from the experience.

  • Joe Madden: “I thought volunteering there was a really good way to give back. It also put into perspective that some people always have it harder than you.  To me, I thought it was a fun time and felt good to be able to help. Our team helped clean and organize their building the best we could. Pretty sure several of us learned some valuable cleaning skills ourselves.  It’s important to help where and when you can so I look forward to doing similar volunteering in the future.”
  • Ryan Bennett:  “We got split up into different teams. I had Olad (Megenow) and Will (Tarley) in my group. We had to clean the biggest room, which was the art room. It wasn’t too bad, but it took longer than any of the other jobs that the other guys had to do. At the end, everyone was done with their job and came to help us.”

In all, the Monarchs helped with clean up and spruce up projects at three locations, including:

  • The men’s soccer team and women’s softball team volunteered at Synergy Services. (For story on the women’s volunteer experience, click here.)
  • The women’s soccer team volunteered at Hope Faith Ministries.
  • The baseball team volunteered at Harvesters.