MCC students aim high to capture Al Roker’s attention

Students at Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City are going to great heights to get “Today” show weatherman Al Roker to come to this “neck of the woods.”

MCC has officially invited the NBC personality to the MCC-Business & Technology campus for his upcoming 50-state “Rokerthon” tour.

In a Facebook video posted Feb. 24, MCC students and staff invited Roker to help break an unofficial record of having the most people on a 15-foot-high wood electrical pole at the same time. The campus is home to an electrical lineman program.

For this year’s Rokerthon, the amiable weatherman plans to do live weather forecasts from college campuses across the United States in an effort to help schools break world records.

“We heard that Al Roker was going to visit several campuses and universities across the country, and we wanted him to realize that community college plays an important role in our country and our community,” said MCC Business & Technology president Jackie Gill. “We provide open access and opportunity to everyone who comes through our doors.”

Climb on up and join us, Al Roker!

The students explained that they wanted Roker to see a community college, what they call the heart of education, in the heart of America.

KSHB reporter Terra Hall even helped with the video submitted to NBC that asks Roker to come check out MCC’s epic school spirit and Kansas City’s epic barbecue.

Roker holds Guinness World Records for the fastest time reporting weather from all 50 states and for the longest uninterrupted live TV weather report, which included a stop at Discovery Park of America in Union City in Tennessee.