MCC and Kansas City Royals renew partnership

Metropolitan Community College is pleased to announce it is continuing a partnership with the Kansas City Royals. The agreement provides the College with an opportunity to spread the word about the high-quality academic and career programs MCC provides the Greater Kansas City region.

MCC's logo is now featured on a backdrop at Royals media conferences. Here, Brandon Moss is announced as new player on Feb. 1.
MCC’s logo is now featured on a backdrop at Royals news conferences. Here, Brandon Moss is announced as a new player on Feb. 1.

The partnership began in 2014. The new three-year agreement, which runs through the 2019 season, includes a high-profile message behind home plate and mentions during each Royals radio broadcast. The Metropolitan Community College logo will appear on the backdrop used during Royals’ media conferences.

“We’re extremely excited that this relationship between two longstanding Kansas City institutions will continue well into the future,” says Michael Bucek, the Royals’ vice president for marketing and business development.

For MCC, this partnership is more than a proven way to build awareness of the MCC brand. The College counts legendary Royals owner Ewing Kauffman as arguably its most famous alumnus. Kauffman graduated from the Junior College of Kansas City (now MCC) in 1936 and went on to transform the Kansas City community like few others.

“Bringing the Royals to Kansas City would be enough to make us proud. But as many Kansas Citians know, Mr. K did a lot more than that,” says MCC Chancellor Mark James.

“He was also an advocate of education, who, in conceiving the Kansas City Royals Academy to develop players early on, made sure the training program included classes at a junior college in Florida.”

Frank White was the most famous graduate of the Royals Academy, the chancellor adds, “and we’re proud to call him an MCC alum, too.”

The Kauffman legacy is all around us today – as evidenced by Mr. K’s entrepreneurial spirit still practiced by today’s leaders, the success of the Kansas City Royals (1985 and 2015 World Series champions), the richness and beauty of the performing arts as experienced within the center bearing his family name, and the continued ripple effect of his philanthropy as carried out by two world-class foundations.