MCC employees honored for service, new college degrees

Here’s the complete list of MCC employees who were honored Nov. 22 at MCC’s annual in-service event.

Employee Service Recognition

25-Year Service Honorees
Cindy Johnson (left) and Kimberly Siercks

Cindy Johnson launched her MCC career in 1991 in the financial aid office at MCC-Longview. She later worked as administrative assistant in the student development dean’s office; as assistant to the Longview president; and, starting in 2008, as program coordinator in the chancellor’s office, her current position. She added the role of secretary to the Board of Trustees in 2010. “MCC Works on so many levels,” she says. “Each and every day I see firsthand how the education MCC provides truly makes a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals and families, including my own. My three children and I are all MCC alumni, and each of us has benefited greatly from the opportunities provided by obtaining a degree from MCC.”

Kimberly Siercks joined MCC in 1991 as clinical coordinator for the radiologic technology program at MCC-Penn Valley. She became coordinator of the program in 2010. “MCC Works because our career and technical education programs provide students an affordable, quality education that prepares them for well-paying, in-demand careers,” she says.

20-Year Service Honorees

is-20-yearsMargaret Berter, MCC-Longview

Emit Bowman, MCC-Penn Valley

Timothy Chappell, MCC-Penn Valley

Carol Conard, MCC-Maple Woods

Douglas Fox, MCC-Administrative Center

Blaine Freidline, MCC-Administrative Center

Victor Garcia, MCC-Administrative Center

Henry Gilbreath, MCC-Longview

Tom Hulett, MCC-Maple Woods

Carla MacMillan, MCC-Administrative Center

Linda Nelson, MCC-Longview

Dena Norris, MCC-Administrative Center

Charles Olney, MCC-Administrative Center

Connie Spies, MCC-Penn Valley

Demetria Wallace, MCC-Longview

 10-Year Service Honorees

is-10-yearsTimothy Conway, MCC-Maple Woods

Cheriee Dawson, MCC-Administrative Center

Jason Douglas, MCC-Blue River

Thomas Dow, MCC-Penn Valley

Sheryl Farnan, MCC-Penn Valley

Matthew Heck, MCC-Longview

Mary Howell, MCC-Penn Valley

Amber Jenkins, MCC-Penn Valley

Kaye Klassen, MCC-Maple Woods

Linda Lechowicz, MCC-Penn Valley

John Littleton, MCC-Administrative Center

Leslie Lockwood, MCC-Maple Woods

Daniel Marr, MCC-Administrative Center

Kimberly Poindexter, MCC-Blue River

Joseph Roche, MCC-Business & Technology

Shannon Ross, MCC-Administrative Center

Carin Rowell, MCC-Penn Valley

Rebecca Schuering, MCC-Blue River

John Shively, MCC-Longview

Kenneth Snell, MCC-Maple Woods

Kathy Snyder, MCC-Maple Woods

Diane Sweet, MCC-Longview

Gieselle Taylor, MCC-Penn Valley

Darlene Town, MCC-Penn Valley

Brandon Watts, MCC-Business & Technology

Degrees, Certificates Earned in 2015-16


Leslie Harger, MCC-Penn Valley, master’s, Missouri State University

Brian Hurley, MCC-Blue River, master’s, Fort Hays State University

Crystal Jeffers, MCC-Blue River, bachelor’s, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Jadalyn Kotake, MCC-Blue River, bachelor’s, Park University

Daphne Lewis, MCC-Administrative Center, master’s, University of North Carolina

Kim Moriconi, MCC-Blue River, master’s, Avila University

Sabrina Osborn, MCC-Administrative Center, master’s, MidAmerica Nazarene University

Elizabeth Robertson, MCC-Penn Valley, bachelor’s, Park University

Alicia Summer, MCC-Business & Technology, bachelor’s, Fort Hays State University

Charles Ward, MCC-Longview, master’s, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Stacye Williams, MCC-Maple Woods, master’s, Park University

Lee Ann Zech, MCC-Maple Woods, master’s, Northwest Missouri State University


Tracey Burns, MCC-Administrative Center, associate, Metropolitan Community College

Joan Gorman, MCC-Maple Woods, associate, Metropolitan Community College

Wendy Gray, MCC-Administrative Center, associate, Metropolitan Community College

Richard Krebbs, MCC-Administrative Center, associate, Metropolitan Community College


Patricia Amick, MCC-Administrative Center, education policy fellowship certificate from Institute for Educational Leadership

Lisa Boggess, MCC-Penn Valley, graduate certificate in autism spectrum disorders from University of Central Missouri, and certified instructor for “Making the Most of Classroom Interactions” from Teachstone

Kim Moriconi, MCC-Blue River, graduate certificate in executive leadership development from Avila University

Liz Santander, MCC-Penn Valley, certified healthcare simulation educator from Society of Simulation in Healthcare

Employee Awards and Honors, 2015-16

Zoe Albright, MCC-Longview, Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching from MCCA

Carlos Bass, MCC-Maple Woods, Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching from MCCA

Dawinderpreet Brar, MCC-Penn Valley, Paragon Award for Advisors from Missouri regional Phi Theta Kappa, and Student Success Story from Midwest Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

Dawinderpreet Brar and Ashley Meyer, Distinguished Chapter Advisor Team Award from Missouri regional Phi Theta Kappa

James M. Cline, MCC-Business & Technology, Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching from MCCA

Connie Flick-Hruska, MCC-Longview, Mel Aytes Faculty Innovation Award from MCCA

Theresa Hannon, MCC-Blue River, Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching from MCCA

Chris Kelly, MCC-Administrative Center, Lucile V. Jackson/Charlestine Scroggins Distinguished Service Award from Friends of Yates Inc., and proclamation from Mayor Sly James for community activities with the RCLG Family Foundation

Jadalyn Kotake, MCC-Blue River, Higher Ground Award from Metropolitan Community College-Blue River

Dee Mathison, MCC-Blue River, Horizon Award from Missouri regional Phi Theta Kappa

Mindy McCallum, MCC-Longview, Senior Service Award from MCCA

Stacey McMillen, MCC-Blue River, Paragon Award for Advisors from Missouri regional Phi Theta Kappa

Victor A. Meledge-Ade, MCC-Longview, Global Educator Award from MCCA

Robert Packett, MCC-Maple Woods, Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award from MCCA

Matt Patterson, MCC-Penn Valley, Registered Health Information Technician credential

Carrie Pickerel-Brooks, MCC-Penn Valley, Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching from MCCA

Yvette Sweeney, MCC-Penn Valley, Glaux Award from Missouri regional Phi Theta Kappa

Cheryl Winter, MCC-Blue River, Distinguished Chapter Advisor Team Award from Missouri regional Phi Theta Kappa, and Senior Service Award from MCCA

Dempsey Yearry, MCC-Maple Woods, Senior Service Award from MCCA