Three days of Chipotle will benefit MCC-Penn Valley students

If you’re a fan of the food at Chipotle, here are three dates to put on your calendar:  Nov. 28 and 29 and Dec. 14.

On those three days from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., the Chipotle Mexican Grill at 1713 W. 39th St. will contribute to three good causes at MCC-Penn Valley. But you’ve got to tell the cashier why you’re there or show them a flyer (even on your phone; see flyers below). Fifty percent of proceeds from participating customers will go to the MCC Foundation.

Here’s a day-by-day look at which initiatives benefit:

Monday, Nov. 28: A scholarship for international student athletes at MCC-Penn Valley.

Tuesday, Nov. 29: The proposed Student Success Center at MCC-Penn Valley, which will bring student support services under one roof in renovated space.

Wednesday, Dec. 14: The MCC-Penn Valley Student Book and Emergency Fund, which helps students who are in a financial pinch pay for books or other needs.

Remember, this is at the Chipotle on West 39th Street only (near KU Medical Center), and you have to tell them you’re there to support MCC-Penn Valley.

Giovani Selcedo
Giovani Selcedo

Not surprisingly,  someone with a Penn Valley connection made this happen. Giovani Salcedo attended the campus in 2013-15, all the while working at Chipotle, starting as a cook. He is now general manager of the West 39th Street store. He contacted the MCC Foundation, which raises funds for student scholarships and other campus initiatives, with the idea of a fundraiser.

“I wanted to contribute to Penn Valley like they did to me,” says Salcedo, who would like to return to college to finish a business degree so he can grow as a person “and build an empire.”

Our thanks to Giovani and Chipotle for stepping up to help MCC students!