Next at 10, MCC students react to the Clinton-Trump debate

Chandler Templeton, Mike Marusarz, Alex Wilt and Cole Kazmier pose for a photo before watching the presidential debate.
“41 Action News” anchor Mike Marusarz (second from left) with MCC students Chandler Templeton (left), Alex Wilt and Cole Kazmier


Metropolitan Community College students Cole Kazmier and Chandler Templeton recently received a rare opportunity: They were asked to watch the first 2016 U.S. presidential debate with “41 Action News” anchor Mike Marusarz in studio and then offer live commentary on KSHB’s 10 p.m. news.

Both students were excited about the experience, which highlighted how important young voters are in this presidential election.

Templeton, a sophomore and MCC- Maple Woods student ambassador, said that going into the Sept. 26 showdown between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, she was firmly undecided — and afterward she remained so. She’s hoping that the two upcoming debates will help shed more light on political views that align with hers.

Kazmier, a freshman and MCC-BlueRiver’s Student Government Association president, told Marusarz that even though he’s a supporter of Trump, he has to earn his vote. Kazmier is concerned about the country’s economy and wants Trump to explain how he would solve the U.S. debt crisis.

Alex Wilt, also a freshman at MCC-Blue River, came along with his friend Kazmier but did not want to be on live TV. He was excited to watch the debate and learn more about both candidates.

Throughout debate day, “41 Action News” asked students at area colleges and universities what they’d be looking for from Clinton and Trump. The news outlet reported that students are more interested in personal traits than policy positions.

Here’s a video clip of the KSHB “focus group’s” reactions to the debate: