MCC Night at the K: What’s a little rain?

At the pre-game tailgate barbecue, MCC Chancellor Mark James (right) visits with members of the Matt Mason family, who were as Royals honorees sat in the Buck O'Neil seats at Kauffman Stadium.
At the pre-game tailgate barbecue, MCC Chancellor Mark James (right) visits with members of the Matt Mason family, who were honored with the Buck O’Neil seat at Kauffman Stadium.

Yes, those dark-blue clouds did end up making some rain, and despite a promising start the Royals lost to the Oakland A’s 5-4.

Still, from all appearances, a good time was had at MCC Night at the K on Sept. 13.

The MCC Foundation tailgate dinner — brisket, turkey and fixings from Jack Stack Barbecue — attracted a crowd of employees, friends and family.

The family of Matt Mason, the Navy SEAL and MCC alum who died when his helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan, was honored with the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat. The Masons were introduced on the scoreboard before the game and during it as well.

Also pre-game, MCC-Business & Technology student Herb Green threw out the ceremonial first pitch to none other than Eric Hosmer. (He also met Sluggerrr and team owner David Glass!) And the Metropolitan Chorale of Kansas City, based at MCC-Blue River, did us proud with their rendition of the national anthem.

Our thanks to the MCC’ers who worked hard to make the night a success. Thanks as well to Mother Nature, who did unleash some raindrops but at least let the Royals finish the game.

[ MCC Chancellor Mark James sat down before the game to talk with the Royals Radio Network. Click here to listen. ]


(Photos by Matt Scharhag, Dan Ascheman, Tim Engle, Clare Otto and Jackie Gill)

First, scenes from the the tailgate barbecue hosted by the MCC Foundation:

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In the minutes before the game started, MCC-Business & Technology student Herb Green (No. 1) threw the first pitch — to first baseman Eric Hosmer.

royals-herb-green-ms royals-herb-green-scoreboardroyals-first-pitch-to-hosmer


The Metropolitan Chorale took to the field to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

(Photo by Chris Vleisides)
(Photo by Chris Vleisides)


The Mason family, in and around the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat, appeared twice on the scoreboard.



Speaking of the scoreboard (and Hosmer), do you see our name?



Some MCC fans, including MCC-Business & Technology president Jackie Gill (center), got some baseballs autographed.



And in the Hy-Vee View section, it was a great night to enjoy a ballgame (until it started raining).