TV reporter checks out MCC ballet class for ‘absolute beginners’

While the Fall 2016 semester is already in full swing at Metropolitan Community College, there is still time to sign up for community education classes. The title of one upcoming community ed course caught the eye of a local television reporter.

“Adult Ballet for the Absolute Beginner” is described as a true beginner’s class for adults who have an interest in learning ballet. The class is for those who have not taken ballet or have had minimal experience.

KCTV5’s Elisabeth Rentschler was intrigued by what “absolute” really meant, so she stopped in for a lesson with instructor Kate Hagedorn, who teaches dance classes at MCC-Longview. Rentschler’s story aired Sept. 30 on “Better Kansas City,” KCTV5’s daily lifestyle show.

Rentschler — who in her report stated, “Here there is no judgment, only the love of dance” — provided a good laugh for viewers when her knees popped on a plie’.

Watch her full report above.

Instructor Kate Hagedorn talks with KCTV5's Elisabeth Rentschler and photographer Doug Kleve.
Dance instructor Kate Hagedorn (left) talks with KCTV5’s Elisabeth Rentschler and photographer Doug Kleve.

“I wanted something that was for anyone and everyone, who has never experienced ballet and has always wanted to,” Hagedorn says.

“I want them to come in here and know there is a not an intimidation factor.”

“Adult Ballet for the Absolute Beginner” starts Sept. 21 at MCC-Longview. It runs six Wednesdays from 11 a.m.-noon. The course fee is $64.

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