Law school is the dream for new MCC-Penn Valley grad


Katie Walker is graduated on the commencement stage by MCC-Penn Valley President Dr. Joe Seabrooks.
Katie Walker is greeted on the commencement stage by MCC-Penn Valley President Dr. Joe Seabrooks.

One of the members of Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley’s graduating class of 2016 has set her sights on law school, but for a moment there, she almost changed her mind.

Katie Walker, 23, came to the Kansas City area when her father moved here from Michigan for work. She enrolled at MCC in 2014 to get her associate degree in political science.

“It’s been a really good journey,” Katie says.

At Penn Valley she worked as a peer mentor and writing tutor.  “It was very rewarding. Working in education almost made me change my major to something in education.”

But she’ll stay the course with her original plans. She would someday like to practice human rights or civil rights law, here in the United States or abroad.

“I’ve met the most supportive faculty members that I’ve ever had at this school,” she says. “That made me feel like I could do what I wanted to do. They’ve given me lots of opportunities.”

Katie served as president of the MCC-Penn Valley Student Government Association, was an active member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, and worked with the Squad of Sisters, a KC-based group that combats sexual violence.

Katie Walker says MCC-Penn Valley's instructors gave her "lots of opportunities."
Katie Walker says MCC-Penn Valley’s instructors gave her “lots of opportunities.”

Katie’s most memorable moment at MCC? She was asked to be part of a roundtable discussion on college affordability with U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill in March. (Read more about the McCaskill event here.)

“That was very, very cool,” she says.

Katie is eager for what’s ahead.  She has an internship with GlobalHouse this summer. The GlobalHouse Group consists of companies whose work focuses on resolving international socioeconomic problems.

In the fall, Katie continues her political science studies at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania.

She is not done with MCC just yet, though. She’s continuing on campus as a writing tutor throughout the summer.