It’s National Data Privacy Day

Have you checked your privacy settings lately?  That’s always a really good question to ask yourself, but especially so today.  Today, January 28th, is National Data Privacy Day.  It is a good time to ensure you are taking the best steps to keep your personal information safe.

Brian Hurley
Brian Hurley

This marks what is now an annual event aimed at increasing privacy awareness and educational efforts for consumers on how to protect their online presence.

Cyber security is top of mind this week for at least one presidential candidate as well.

One of criminals’ main access methods to your personal information are social networks where you innocently post your likes, hobbies, and personal information for strangers to freely gather.

Cyber security expert and Metropolitan Community College-Blue River Computer and Information Systems Instructor Brian Hurley recommends this as his number one tip to mark this day of awareness, ““Be extremely careful on what you share online knowing it will exist forever. Also, take time to review privacy settings and don’t be willing to trade privacy for convenience.”

For further tips on ways to protect yourself and your family and to learn more about Data Privacy, Day visit the website at

Metropolitan Community College offers degree and certificate options for those wishing to pursue careers in Cyber Security.  For additional information contact Brian Hurley at (816) 604-6659 for more information.