Chiefs cheerleader, an MCC-Penn Valley grad, says it was an amazing year

Megan, a Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader, is an MCC alumna. (Photo courtesy of the Chiefs)
Megan, a Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader, is an MCC alumna. (Photo courtesy of the Chiefs)

“This year was full of amazing memories with an extraordinary  organization,” says one Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley graduate, who knows better than most just how to describe the mood within Chiefs Kingdom after a milestone year for the team and organization.

The 11-6 Chiefs have fans glorying in a flowing sea of red pride — and some of the team’s key ambassadors are its 33 cheerleaders. That squad includes 25-year-old Megan, a Kansas City native and a 2011 graduate of MCC-Penn Valley’s Radiologic Technology program. (Chiefs cheerleaders aren’t allowed to disclose their last names.)

“I am so proud to be part of Chiefs Kingdom and to have represented the team this year. 2015 was a great season for the Chiefs and my first year as a Chiefs Cheerleader. Definitely a year I will never forget,” explained Megan.

She described the mood before the Saturday, Jan. 16, AFC playoff game in Boston against the New England Patriots as “anxious, hopeful and excited.”

Megan says the cheerleaders were crossing their fingers for continued wins. The squad does not travel to the team’s away games. But had the team won the playoff game, there was a possibility of the AFC conference championship game at Arrowhead, and then there was always the ultimate hope, a trip to the Super Bowl. The cheerleaders would have traveled for that spectacular matchup.

Megan, a first-year Chiefs cheerleading rookie, told us how her time at MCC-Penn Valley helped prepare her for this ambassador role. She was the youngest student in her classes at the time.

“From it being my school right out of high school, interacting with so many people got me out of my shell,” she says.

She was one of the first classes to make use of MCC’s state-of-the-art Health Science Institute (HSI) and speaks highly of the facility.

Megan’s first job out of MCC was a full-time position at a local hospital. She now works as a professional for a health-care company where she focuses on CAT scans, an X-ray procedure that combines many images. (CAT is short for computerized axial tomography.)

One sentiment frequently heard among the Chiefs cheerleaders: “This is a special year.” Megan appreciated the opportunity to travel out of the country for the first time in her life, participating in the cheerleaders’ calendar shoot in Saint Lucia, an island nation in the Caribbean.

“The girls on the team and the coaching staff are more than anyone could expect,” she says. “It’s nice to be involved with a team where everyone has the same goals.”

Megan says her own goal, and one she would advise for any MCC student, is to “Dream big, go big, go for it.” That’s good advice for the Chiefs players as well.