From the archives: Before Blue River, there was a Blue Springs campus

100 Years, 100 Stories

Blue Springs campus mid-80s
MCC’s former Blue Springs campus started out in the mid-1980s in buildings definitely not designed for college classes, including a daycare and an old QuikTrip.

MCC-Blue River became Metropolitan Community College’s fourth permanent campus in 1997, but before that came a Blue Springs campus (opened in 1984 as an extension of MCC-Longview) and an Independence campus. That Independence location became the home of MCC-Blue River.

The photo above is the Blue Springs campus in the mid-1980s. The one-block campus, on Kingsridge Drive near I-70 and Woods Chapel Road, consisted of a repurposed daycare center (center) and QuikTrip buildings and the lower level of a medical building (top).

Here are some key dates in the transformation of two satellite campuses into MCC-Blue River:

+ In April 1984, residents of the Blue Springs School District voted to join the MCC district. That September, MCC-Longview’s Blue Springs location opened. Six hundred thirty-one students enrolled at the Blue Springs campus.

+ In 1987, a new two-story Blue Springs campus building opened on 20 acres north of I-70 and west of Missouri 7.

+ In 1995, after the Independence and Fort Osage school districts had joined the MCC district, the new Independence campus was dedicated on East Missouri 78 highway.

+In 1997, MCC’s Board of Trustees voted to consolidate the Blue Springs and Independence locations into one, the campus that would become MCC-Blue River. The campus got its name from a passage in David McCullough’s book “Truman,” in which he described Independence as “Blue River country.”