MCC’s monumental moments over the last 100 years

100 Years, 100 Stories 

We’re always looking to the future at Metropolitan Community College, but during 2015 we also had the pleasure of reflecting on the rich 100-year history of our institution and its significance to the communities of Greater Kansas City.

It might surprise some to learn that MCC is the oldest and largest public institution of higher education in Kansas City and the fourth largest in Missouri. MCC was founded in 1915 as the Kansas City Polytechnic Institute and has since built upon an extraordinary academic foundation laid by the faculty who taught the inaugural class of 234 students.

Today, academics and serving the community remain the top priorities as the College works to meet the needs of students, employers and the community. As we¬†honor our past, we will continue to push forward. Enjoy reading through the important moments in MCC’s history, and together we can work toward an even brighter MCC future. (Timeline text by Tim Engle; graphic by Spencer Chapin. Click to make it bigger.)

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