Crossroads billboards feature work of MCC art instructor — and her 8-year-old daughter

DeAnna Skedel's "Dino Fear" is being displayed on two billboards on Southwest Boulevard.
DeAnna Skedel’s “Dino Fear” is being displayed on two billboards on Southwest Boulevard.

100 Years, 100 Stories 

MCC-Blue River art instructor DeAnna Skedel says she discusses her process of making art all the time with students. Now they, and the rest of us, can see a larger-than-life example of it.

A Skedel piece called “Dino Fear” is being displayed on two side-by-side billboards at Missouri Bank and Trust, 125 Southwest Blvd. in the Crossroads Arts District.

As a story in The Kansas City Star explains, Skedel’s piece includes drawings by her 8-year-old daughter Isadora. She routinely finds such gifts around the house.

DeAnna Skedel
DeAnna Skedel

“The drawings are little glimpses of what passes through her,” Skedel wrote in her artist’s statement. “I hope by putting them together, pausing with them, I may begin to know something of who she is. I might have something to hold on to.”

Besides Isadora’s drawings, “Dino Fear” also features Skedel’s husband, Victor, and the Kansas City sky as viewed from Interstate 70 one morning, all collaged into one Photoshopped image.

Skedel has been an artist and teacher in Kansas City since 2002. She has taught at MCC-Blue River since 2008, and earlier this year was one of five MCC recipients of the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

As for sharing her art-making process with her students, “I think if some of them see the billboards, it may hit home that I haven’t been making it up,” she says.

“Dino Fear” will run rampant through the Crossroads for the next three months — or at least that’s how long Skedel’s art will be displayed there.