MCC student featured in article about millennials and money

MCC-Penn Valley student Katie Walker
MCC-Penn Valley student Katie Walker

A reporter for the International Business Times news site recently talked to young people around the country about their perceptions of money. Reporter Owen Davis writes that millennials “have charted a unique path in daunting economic times.”

One of the 20-somethings Davis talked to was Katie Walker, an MCC-Penn Valley student and peer mentor from Kansas City:

Katie Walker, a 22-year-old student at Kansas City Metropolitan Community College, plans to become a public-interest attorney. Knowing full well the weight of student loans required to join the infamously competitive field, Walker considers her career an ethical endeavor as much as an economic one.

“My generation is the one that got punched in the face,” Walker says. But far from being resigned to defeat, she hopes to make a difference. “It feels like we don’t have any other choice.”

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