MCC-Maple Woods students declare: ‘I will’

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When journalist and author Antonio Neves spoke at MCC-Maple Woods recently, part of his program on “How to Create Your Own Luck” involved asking students to articulate their goals: “I Will …”

Here’s a look at some of the students and some of their goals. Our thanks to Micaela Church, First Year services developer, for the photos. (Neves’ program was made possible by the FOCUS program at MCC, which is funded by U.S. Department of Education Title III grants that support at-risk and underserved students.)

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Antonio Neves

Neves moved from Michigan to New York City with just $600 in his pocket. Even though he knew just one person, slept on a floor for almost a year and had to work multiple jobs just to survive, he went on to build a successful career with top television networks and today as an entrepreneur.