MCC’s Francis Institute prepares KCTV5 Better Kansas City for back to school

This week’s KCTV5’s Better Kansas City show  featured a “Back-to-School” theme.

Lisa Boggess on KCTV5

Segment 1 (Organization)

The first segment was about getting organized: A calendar made from paint swatches and put in a frame so you can write on the glass with dry erase markers, a visual and hands-on chart for creating and following through with routines and an art supply station. This was built with a peg board and had buckets and paper dividers hanging on it, mason jar lids attached to screw mason jars full of supplies to it and ribbon and clothes pins to pin up art or other papers. We also used Velcro to stack 3 decorative paper cups with handles into a triangle to sit on a desk with more supplies.

Lisa Boggess on KCTV5Lisa Boggess on KCTV5Lisa Boggess on KCTV5
Lisa Boggess on KCTV5


Segment 2 (Personalization)

The second segment was on personalizing school supplies: creating decorative inserts for clear hollow pens like gel pens, decorating pencils with washi tape, creating backpack tags, personalizing store-bought pencil cases, making your own pencil case out of felt, glue and jewels and jazzing up notebooks/binders/trappers (gluing pipe cleaners to the front, decorating with photos mounted on a cool gift bag and inserted into the front of a binder, and gluing iron-on appliques to canvas trapper and pencil cases.

Lisa Boggess on KCTV5Lisa Boggess on KCTV5Lisa Boggess on KCTV5Lisa Boggess on KCTV5