MCC’s Francis Institute – Beating Summer Boredom on KCTV5’s Better KC


Lisa Boggess on set of KCTV5Child Expert, Lisa Boggess, from MCC’s Francis Institute shared creative ideas to keep kids busy this summer on  KCTV5’s Better Kansas City. Her fun ideas may be found on the Francis Institutes Pinterest board. 



Segment 1 included popsicle stick construction, homemade board game, popsicle stick puzzles, game pieces, large dice and tic-tac-toe with painted rocks.

Lisa Boggess with tips to beat summer boredom Child made board gameExplaining the board game to KCTV5 host

Segment 2 included sponge bombs, a squirting race and “I Spy” in a bottle.

water bombs







Inspirational links for projects found below:
Tic Tac Toe: Tic Tac Toe with painted rocks

Popsicle stick puzzles: Popsicle stick puzzles link 1, Popsicle stick puzzles link 2 (these are the basic ideas of how to make)

Homemade board game Physical games with cards that tell what to do (this would be something like cut out shapes of maybe animals, with instructions on the back, like a frog might have “Hop 3 times”)

Memory: Popsicle Memory game, Memory game with scraps

Sponge bombs: Sponge bombs link 1, Sponge bombs link 2, Sponge bombs link 3 – video

Squirting Race: Ping pong ball squirting race (I’m not into promoting guns with children, so I’d use a water bottle to squirt with)

Popsicle stick construction: Popsicle stick construction link 1, Popsicle stick construction link 2

I Spy in a bottle: I Spy/Scavenger Hunt in a bottle link 1, I Spy in a bottle link 2