Video: MCC is proud to call Royals Hall of Famer Frank White an MCC alumnus


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Video: Frank White, eight-time Gold Glove winner and Royals Hall of Fame second baseman, is beloved in Kansas City.

In 1985, he was on the team that won the World Series title. “As kids, we use our imaginations and put ourselves in the World Series,” said White.

It was Royals owner Ewing Kauffman who handpicked the future baseball legend in 1970.  White was part of the first Royal Baseball Academy class and is noted as the academy’s most famous graduate. The Royal Baseball Academy, established by Kauffman, was designed to give elite athletes an opportunity to hone baseball skills.

“Starting in the Royals Baseball Academy and giving me an opportunity to play the game, I thought that was pretty special,” said White.

“Kauffman cared about the city, cared about community, cared about the kids and developing education programs for children,” White said. “He really just made it possible for a lot of people who couldn’t afford to go to college to get educated through their hard work in high school. And I think those programs were really special.”

The two shared more than a baseball connection. Mr. K and Frank White both attended Metropolitan Community College. Kauffman graduated from the community college in 1936. White attended the MCC-Longview campus during the 1970s.

Frankwhite“I wasn’t necessarily looking for a bachelor degree or an associate degree; I was just looking to take a few classes to help me in my personal life, like personal finance. I think that it’s a great way to start an educational career,” said White.

White now serves Kansas City through his new political venture. He was recently elected to the Jackson County Legislature First District at-large seat.

“I’ve been in politics my whole life. I just had not run for an office yet,” he said. “I ran because I had the time to do it and the right people convinced me to do it. I’m really glad.

“Learning the different things in the community that were going on and getting to know some of the different agencies that serve our community, those things got me excited about running. Now that gives me an opportunity to see what’s working, what’s not working and figure out where we can make a difference.”

He said he’s glad that our community has Metropolitan Community College.

“My name is Frank White and MCC works, ” said White.