Mark Johnson teaches more than classroom lessons

Mark Johnson

100 Years, 100 Stories

MCC-Longview alumnus and adjunct business instructor Mark Johnson seems to be a living, breathing example of larger than life.

The tall man with a booming voice easily commands his classroom, but that should be natural to a man who led Green Berets units in Special Operations. Johnson’s service included more than 200 reconnaissance, combat search and rescue, direct and collation support missions in 50 countries. For his actions, he was awarded the Bronze Star and other medals that attest to his leadership.

Mark JohnsonMCC-Longview business students are fortunate to experience Johnson’s leadership of a different sort as he teaches about leadership and management; integrity, persistence and service.

“His stories are emotional and relatable to leadership. I have never had a teacher care as much as he does. He visited me in the hospital when I had cancer,” said MCC-Longview alum Stacey Tracy. “I don’t know if I would have made it through college as an adult without him. I would tell future students that you have to take one of his classes. Mark Johnson will change your life,”

While he certainly has impressive personal experiences, in his classroom and motivational presentations, Johnson share quotes from others he admires, such as Reverend Paul Schneider, a vocal opponent to Nazi Germany who, before he was eventually executed in a concentration camp, said, “Always do the hard right over the easy wrong.”

Mark JohnsonJohnson reminds students of individuals who have led lives of services to others and encourages them to look for ways to serve others as they continue their lives.

“Colonel Mark Johnson is the teacher you will always remember. Every single time I walked into his class, I knew that I was going to walk away using what he was about to teach,” said student Cierra Marcum. “His lessons in leadership are very applicable to both the business world and everyday life. Because of him, I know a leader is a mentor all the time, it never stops. You have to be at your best to inspire others to excel.”

Mark JohnsonLast fall, Johnson hosted his annual reunion at MCC-Longview where more than 100 current and former students, their family members and friends, gathered to hear Mark Johnson’s inspiration words and to connect with him and each other.

“The legendary Jackie Robinson has written on his gravestone, ‘A life is not important except in the impact it has on others.’ This quote forms the basis of my teaching and mentoring.” Johnson said, “I believe, it’s not about me, but instead about those we serve. I also believe that to be a leader worth emulating is the foundation of my teaching where “making a difference” is the only benchmark to be used as a measurement of success.”

Mark Johnson is not only an instructor at MCC-Longview, he’s a proud alum that reminds students of the opportunities and experiences that await them after  MCC.