Video: Bonyen Lee from MCC to TV news

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100 Years, 100 Stories

Video: Bonyen Lee is an anchor and reporter for KCTV5 news, Kansas City’s local CBS television station. She covers issues that impact our community.

“I am passionate about journalism. I think it’s important to share the truth and make people aware of what is happening in our community. I grew up here, so I get to tell stories about my neighbor  about people I know,” explained Lee.

She says the reason her profession is so important to her has a lot to do with family roots. Lee said, “my father moved from China to Taiwan and they moved here ( Kansas City) for higher education. They talked about how those governments work and why democracy is so important. My father was an attorney and my mother worked for TWA.”

Lee spent two years at Metropolitan Community College and earned her associate degree from MCC-Maple Woods.

“I loved my time there, the teachers were great, passionate and they really taught me what to expect in college. I took some of my favorite classes: botany and psychology at MCC. I transferred to the University of Missouri for journalism. I felt more prepared than I would have if I started at Missouri. I am so glad I received my associate degree from MCC, ” said Lee.

To represent MCC Alumni, Bonyen Lee emceed the College’s Centennial Celebration along with Truman Medical Centers president and CEO, Charlie Shields. The event was designed to tell MCC’s story and recognize its impact on the Greater Kansas City community.  Nearly 800 guests celebrated inside the Grand Ballroom of the Kansas City Convention Center to mark the College’s 100th year anniversary.  The evening also highlighted the legacy of one of the college’s most accomplished alumni, Ewing Kauffman. “Mr. K” earned an associate degree from MCC in 1936, which was his only college experience.

“When you think about the other alumni I graduated with, it’s amazing to see their impact on this community. Many of them work here to make our community even better. I think community college is so important and really provides a chance for so many students to start their journey. MCC is an education that works, ”said Lee.