Video: Karla Vega, MCC student, fulfilling a dream

Karla Vega, MCC Student100 Years, 100 Stories

Video: Karla Vega is the first member of her family to attend College.  She graduated from the Kansas City Public School district and says she was one of the few students from her high school to continue learning through higher education. ” As a Latina,  the expectation for me to graduate was less than 50%,” said Vega. She explained she was proud when she received her  high school diploma. The dismal statistics pushed her to achieve more than even she imagined.

She is now a Metropolitan Community College student and hopes to one day earn a masters in  psychology. “My interest in psychology began through courses I took at MCC. The idea of helping people better themselves was really meaningful to me. The person I want to be is caring, inspiring, motivated, independent, strong; Metropolitan Community College is helping me become those things,” said Vega.

While attending MCC, Vega says she’s felt very supported. From advising to counseling, she credits the mentors along the way that encouraged her to do her best. “I find that really motivating,” said Vega.

She explained how the opportunity to attend college has been life-changing and without scholarships she would not be able to attend college. “I will forever be grateful for that. I never knew I had so much potential until I came here,” said Vega. She is looking forward to a bright future and is thrilled to call her self an MCC student.