Missouri’s community colleges now engage nearly 230 employers across the state



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May 18, 2015 – Jefferson City, MO Missouri’s twelve community colleges and State Technical College of Missouri recently released an employer engagement whitepaper, highlighting significant accomplishments in education and workforce training programs.  The white paper is available electronically on MCCA’s website.

For several years Missouri’s community colleges have collaborated with business and industry on U.S. Department of Labor grant programs, bringing over $55 million in workforce training funds to the state.  These programs focused on industries that are critical to Missouri’s economic health, including manufacturing, healthcare, and STEM (science technology engineering and math) fields.

As a result of this collaboration, Missouri’s community colleges engaged nearly 230 employers across the state, and they developed new job-related curriculum, programs, learning opportunities, and pre-employment and “skills-gaps” training for the recipients.  Of the 229 employers involved in the program, nearly 200 offered internship programs and nearly 100 businesses hired qualified participants.

While these programs were developed collaboratively across the state, the individual community colleges partnered with businesses and industries specific to their region.  Further data and region-specific details can be found in the attached white paper or by visiting the Missouri Community College Association website at www.mccatoday.org.