MCC Business & Technology Hosts the Collegiate Lineman Rodeo 2015

lineman rodeo2

This year is the 13th Annual Collegiate Lineman’s Rodeo. The 2015 Rodeo is part of the electric utility line technicians program. These students learn how to install and repair poles, conductors, cables and equipment used in electrical power and distribution systems. These technicians often work to restore energy to homes and businesses during storms, identifying and repairing damaged equipment, poles and wire.


The MCC program begins with a one-year certificate. Students can earn an associate degree and transfer to earn a bachelor degree in this field. The program is fine tuned to meet real-world needs and two utility companies, Kansas City Power & Light and Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative, are on the Metropolitan Community College-BTC advisory board to help prepare course content.

Participants work in (4) member teams as submitted by their schools, competing in these four events:lineman rodeo

  • Cross Arm Change Out
  • Obstacle Climb
  • Framing a C-1 structure
  • Lineman Knowledge Exam, Questions from chapters 1 through 20.

The award categories include:

1st through 4th place awards will be given in each of the following categories:

  • Individual events
  • Individual All-Around
  • Combined Team Events
  • Combined All-Around