MCC participates in a blueprint for higher education


100 Years, 100 Stories

Metropolitan Community College is hosting the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Coordinating Board for Higher Education’s latest strategic planning session at MCC’s Health Science Institute.  The hearing focuses on the state of the health care industry.  Hospital CEO’s, area medical schools as well MCC administrator Dr. Carpenter-Davis are testifying and presenting information to the board.

Chancellor Mark James is representing MCC as a member of the Commissioner’s steering committee. MDHE will rely on the steering committee to help plan the pathway for the future of higher education.  Chancellor Mark James said, “The fact that the Commissioner chose MCC over other available institutions in Kansas City is a direct testament to his regard for the programs and facility he has seen at the HSI.”  The group will conduct a tour of the virtual hospital as part of the hearing session.

This session is open to the public.MDHE2